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Website Development

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Website Development


I have been developing websites for almost 22 years, exploiting new technologies as they emerge.

I am pleased to announce that I won a 2016 Webby award with TrueOutput for the Wonnacott website we developed. The award was for “Best Self-promotion / Portfolio.”

Since 2011 a lot my website work has involved building and customising existing WordPress themes, as well as building and modifying WordPress plug-ins so they work exactly as the client wants.

Many of these sites were built working with TrueOutput as design partner.

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Wild Oats Soap
Karen Cottier of Wild Oats Soap asked to revamp their existing e-commerce site, whilst retaining the existing search ranking and inbound links.
CaneCo is part of the Waterford Distillery group, and grows cane for use by Renegade Rum.
Renegade Rum
Renegade Rum is part of the Waterford Distillery group, applying the principles of Terroir to Rum.
Hickey Fabrication Ltd.
Hickey Fabrication Ltd. is a steel manufacturing company based in Waterford, with an office in London. I also took the photographs and video used on the site.
DHB Architects are a Waterford based company, and in association with TrueOutput I built a site that showcased the company’s projects.
The Business of Food
A complete rebranding and repackaging of the old content, this website provides a new home for this long established hospitality consultancy and training business.
The Restaurant Advisor
This client wanted to simplify and condense the content from their old site, and this one page for Blathnaid Bergin does just that.
Safeshaft Systems
Safeshaft Systems are a very new business and wanted to announce their presence in the agricultural machinery space.