Website Development

I have been developing websites for almost 17 years, exploiting new technologies as they emerge.

I am pleased to announce that I won a 2016 Webby award with TrueOutput for the Wonnacott website we developed. The award was for “Best Self-promotion / Portfolio”

Wordpress Customisation

Since 2011 a lot my website work has involved building and customising existing WordPress themes, as well as building and modifying  Wordpress plug-ins so they work exactly as the client wants.

The advantages of using WordPress as a platform:

  • Accelerated development cycle
  • No need to re-invent the wheel
  • Vast choice of existing themes to choose from
  • Security updates from Wordpress community
  • Large library of plug-ins for extra functionality
  • Swap in a completely new look with a new theme
  • Back-end comes already complete

Websites from scratch

Many of these sites were built working with TrueOutput as their Web Development partner.

I have experience working in these areas and with these products:

  • Front-end design
  • Back-end coding
  • Database creation
  • Database management
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management
  • Full Linux / Windows web server stack
  • Extensive experience with start-ups
  • Track record of working remotely
  • Long history of on-site contracting
  • Training & quiz website with over 12,000 users

Code Skills

These are the main coding languages & libraries I use in our development work

Objective C
Zurb Foundation

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