One Less Robot | Video
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Video Production

I’ve been shooting and editing video for almost eight years, in tandem with my still photography. I shoot with a stabilised rig that allows for a smooth, cinematic style on the ground, and I fly a DJI Air 2S drone in the air. As part of my work and personal projects, I’ve carried out many interviews with subjects unused to being in front of the camera. Making the subject feel comfortable and relaxed in order to get the best interview is part of the job I really enjoy.

My clients include:

  • Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce
  • Dungarvan Credit Union
  • St. Canice Credit Union
  • Waterford Credit Union
  • Local Enterprise Office (Waterford)
  • Kilkenny Credit Union
  • Haven Pharmacy Connolly
  • The Moorings Gastro Pub
  • Dungarvan Aglow
  • Knockanore Cheese
  • Hicky Fabrication
  • Radley Auctioneers
  • Legacy Irish Cider
  • Dungarvan Encore Stage Academy
  • Bioactive Gym
  • Zen Yoga
  • Villierstown Joinery
  • MK Illuminations
  • Dungarvan Shopping Centre



Real Estate

Promotional Work

Personal Work