European Vacation: Venice to Edinburgh
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European Vacation: Venice to Edinburgh

European Vacation: Venice to Edinburgh

After weighing up all the options for getting myself to Marco Polo airport for my flight to Edinburgh, I picked the Alilugana boat.

This costs €13 for the journey, which takes a little over 50 minutes. It picks up near the base of the Ponte Rialto, on the north side of the Grand Canal. It uses the second vaporetto stop as you walk away from the Rialto Bridge, and is clearly marked as serving both the normal ATCV vaporetti and the Aliguna Orange (Arancio) line.

The Orange line suited me because it picks up at Rialto, there are others that follow different routes; the Red line picks up at San Marco, for example. Since it’s only a 5 minute walk to Rialto from my hotel, the Orange line was the one for me. Happily it’s also the fastest.

There’s a ticket kiosk (Biglietteri) that sells both the passes for the Vaporetti and the Alilaguna boat (they’re run by different companies) The Alilaguna lines run in both directions, so can be used to reach Venice from the airport too.

I was ridicuously early, my usual over-careful self, and I arrived at the airport at mid-day, for my 3.55 pm flight. I had used the web check-in facility back in the hotel, but there was no printer, so I was expecting to use the self-service terminals that all airports have to print my boarding pass. All airports I said, surely all airports have them now? Well, Venice does have them, but not for British Airways. That meant a wait of an hour and 50 minutes for the check-in desk to open, (it opens two hours before the plane is scheduled to leave) and then another two hours to wait before the plane actually left. Ah well.

When I finally checked in, I got both boarding passes (Venice to London, London to Edinburgh) which was good, because there’s a very tight turn-around in London Gatwick, with just sixty minutes between flights. Sat down in the usual vastly over-priced airport café to write this installment, and it’s almost time to go now.

[Time passes]

Got a great view of the Alps when I flew over, and grabbed some video with the compact camera through the usual filth that encrusts an airplane window. Caught some judicious winds on the journey, so we were about 20 minutes early, which was just as well, because when I arrived in London Gatwick, it turned out that the promise of “Flight Connections” was a big hairy lie. I had to leave Arrivals, then go back upstairs for Departures, and endure the whole Security process again. Caught my flight to Edinburgh without incident, and met up with my sister in the airport, as she was just coming back from London. And that’s it, I’m in Kirkcaldy for the next week, and looking forward to a relaxing time. I plan on visiting Edinburgh during the week, at which time I might have some more pictures to share.


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