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Purchased fluid head tripod kit

Purchased fluid head tripod kit

I’ve been waiting since Christmas for this item to be delivered, but it finally arrived this morning, and it’s an absolute beast!

It’s the E-Image 7063 kit, which includes a fluid video head, and a great big tripod (that makes 4 in total now, the spare room is getting crowded). The legs are very solid, but not carbon fibre, so they’re also heavy. Which is good for stability, if not for the poor sod that has to carry them … that would be me 🙁

The fluid (damped) head allows for, well, fluid movements (It doesn’t actually have fluid inside, rather a kind of grease) without the jerky movement you get if you try to smoothly pan using a normal pan and tilt head. The weather outside is frightful at the moment, so I haven’t had much chance to play around with the fluid head yet. I did shoot some very brief test footage inside my kitchen

The movement of the head is every bit as smooth as advertised, and it comes with three levels of resistance in both the horizontal and vertical axes. This allows you to do suspensefully slow movements, or frenetic whip pans.

I’ll post some footage once I can capture something slightly more interesting than my kitchen sink.

By the way, I bought the the kit from pro-av.co.uk in the UK. They were rather un-proactive in letting me know the status of my delivery during the three week delay, but they got there in the end.

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