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Sexy Ads

Sexy Ads

Advertising, what’s it all about? Who exactly is it aimed at? Advertising executives live by demographics. To what demographic does this product appeal? Who are we selling to? I think myself that they have their heads up their arses.

They have invented an average ‘Joe Soap’ that simply does not exist. For instance, the following advert is a classic:

Young fashion reporters often ask me for tips on how to do a good interview. I just tell them that all they need to do is make sure that their hair is attractive. You don’t need to ask incisive or interesting questions. All that old guff  about doing research before-hand, or preparing, all absolute bollox if you ask me. The most important thing is to ensure that your hair looks and feels healthy. It need not actually be healthy of course, just so long as it looks like it’s healthy. As long as you can hold your head up amongst all those other beautiful young aspiring young reporters, then you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Now if you don’t think this is utterly demeaning sexist crap, then you must be a marketing executive. This whole concept features in an advertising campaign for a well known shampoo. The message behind this ad is that in order to be a successful business woman, the only thing that is important is outward appearance. Talent or experience are mere trivia compared to the over-riding concern which every woman must devote to her appearance. In fact, experience is a positive disadvantage, in that as they get older they must pay more attention to maintaining the crumbling facade than advancing their career.

It’s this kind of depiction of women that does every bit as much to create a stereotypical image as pornography. According to what the advertising executives would have us believe, the only things which interest working women is their appearance, and to even qualify for a job interview they need to have reached at least the semi-finals of a major beauty contest. When the female stereotype is not fussing over their appearance, they are either a) worrying about what kind of nappy they are going to put on their baby, (or themselves) or b) wondering what type of detergent to use.

These topics, if one were to believe what we see on the telly, are the only thing that interest the modern woman, all else is unimportant. Easily understood, really. As far as I am concerned, the powder which gets my whites the whitest is the most important thing in my day, it is you know.  And while we are on the subject, how about those beer ads that insinuate that women can’t hold their liquor. You know the ones, where beside the big man’s pint, there’s the little woman’s glass. So a woman can drink just as much as a man, she just has to drink it in smaller glasses. Such is life.

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