I have been taking images professionally since the mid ’90s.

I am especially interested in the technical niches of photography, like high speed, macro, timelapse and gigapixel panoramas.

During 2016 I’ve shot a fashion show for Dungarvan Shopping Centre, as well as publicity stills for a number of events.

In December 2016 I did a product shoot for Ciaran O’Flynn Jewellers in Dungarvan for their Christmas brochure.

In September 2016 I worked with Personal Fitness Trainer Paul Lyons to create images for his website and promotional use.

In 2016, I photographed over 60 portraits of kids from Dungarvan Encore Stage Academy. We used a greenscreen which was removed in post-production, and replaced with fantasy backgrounds that matched the costume each child wore.

I’ve shot a large number of portraits for the casts of local amateur dramatic productions for use in promotional material, as well as capturing the shows.

I also shot individual portraits for the 39 nominees in the 2015 Chamber of Commerce Annual awards, which I will be doing again this year in October.

For the last three years, I’ve shot promotional stills of Christmas lighting and animatronic installations around Ireland for MK Illumination and locally for Dungarvan Chamber of Commerce. These images were used  by the Chamber on Social Media, and on printed advertising and promotional materials.

My work featured in a 2013  Sony USA promotional campaign for the Sony RX100 camera, and two seasons of US cable / Netflix show Hitrecord on TV in 2014/2015, produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company

I also worked on the Scottish indie horror Lord of Tears, shooting publicity stills in a high pressure environment with a punishing work schedule and tight deadline.

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