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Work history

Work history

My work history is detailed below. A usually slightly more up to date version can be viewed on my linkedin profile.

iPhone app Designer / Web Designer / Photographer / Videographer / Training Materials Writer / Technical Support Agent / Newspaper Editor / Large Video Screen Advert Designer / Radio Presenter / Webmaster


Web Designer


1997– Present

I created an intranet site for Eishtec, a call centre company with sites in Waterford and Wexford, Ireland (Feb 2013).

I’ve created websites for design agency True Output ( The Chelsea Society, Newtown School, photographer Martin Wonnacott, Africa’s future is now, elmoskitchen, madebytypecast, eishtec, blog.true-output, true-output, blog.wonnacott, maera-capital, swiss-financial plus ongoing updates to wonnacott and cakefactory), Shea Jackman (, Rory O’Connor (the beta site for scurri), John McGrath, Waterford Martial Arts, Meadowcourt Homes Ltd (meadowcourthomes)., Plantwise Ltd (plantwise)., Tom O’Brien Construction, WIT Students Union, TalkTalk Training Design department, Shefflin’s Pub, Bausch & Lomb, Sarah Daly (metaphorestmusic) and others.

I create using the following web technologies: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, DHTML, JQuery, Flash, Silverlight, Zurb Foundation, JSON and whatever else is just around the corner. I’ve extensively customised both the phpBB and WordPress platforms, written bespoke plugins for WordPress and modified / customised themes for both platforms. In the past, I’ve dabbled with Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, run of the mill C++, Modula 2, Sinclair Spectrum Basic, Commodore 64 Basic and machine code and BBC Basic.


October 2008 – July 2010 (1 year 10 months)

I created, developed and maintained a web-based Training system, which provided content delivery, knowledge testing and comprehensive reporting features.As of March 2010, the system had 7,029 users who had taken almost 95,000 tests across TalkTalk’s twenty sites.

I also created a market competitor information system, called CRIBS, for the Sales & Retention department, which gave the most up to date information on the company’s competitors to the company’s Sales & Retention agents.

Bausch & Lomb

June 1997 – September 1999 (2 years 4 months)

I designed the company’s intranet on a full-time basis for three months, then was also contracted subsequently to create a Helpdesk system for the IT Support team, and a time management application for the HR department. The Helpdesk was originally designed in Borland Delphi, then ported to an ASP web application. The time management application was also a web application.


iPhone app Designer

2012 to present

I coded and published my first iPhone app in 2012, a project for the singer/songwriter Metaphorest, to promote her music and provide information to her fans. The app, also called Metaphorest, interfaces with Twitter, Facebook, iTunes and her website, and allowed fans to listen to and purchase her music from within the app.

Since then I’ve released two further commercial apps, a timelapse timing utility called Timelapse TK and a dietary reference for dog owners for Elmo’s Kitchen, called Doglicious.

I’m currently working on two more apps for a start-up company, and developing my first Android app for the same client.




1997 – Present

I’ve been taking photographs for fun and profit since I bought my first manual camera while working on the WIT college newspaper. In 2013 I shot two images which were used in a Sony campaign for the rx 100 camera. The campaign ran across print, web and in-store.  I’ve been selling images with the stock agency for several years. You can view my work in the Portfolio section of this site, or visit




2010 – Present

When I bought my Canon 550D camera, the world of video was opened up to me. I’ve been capturing and editing videos ever since, posting the results to Vimeo and

During March of 2012, I worked as 2nd Directory of Photography, and production stills photographer on an indie horror movie called Lord of Tears , shot in the Scottish Highlands.

In November of 2013 I shot a promotional video for MK Illumination, showcasing their Christmas lights installation at the Swords Pavilion shopping centre outside Dublin.

My work was also featured on the 1st season of Hitrecord on tv, from and shown on the Pivot cable channel in the US.


Training Materials Writer


October 2008 – July 2010 (1 year 10 months)

Involved in major company-wide projects as training design lead from inception to delivery, liasing with multiple departments across multiple company sites, working to tight deadlines and within strictly controlled budgets.

Creating course material to company specifications for training over 4,000 people, course material included visuals and manuals for students, as well as trainer-specific manuals, using Powerpoint and web delivery methods.

Training trainers both in person and via teleconference across multiple company sites.


Technical Support Agent


September 2003 – October 2008 (5 years)

I worked as a Technical Support Agent in what was originally the AOL call centre in Waterford City. After 6 months I was promoted to the 2nd Level team, with more autonomy, responsibility and access to tools and partner companies.

I combined this on a part-time basis with freelance web design and photography for the last three years in this role, before being sent to India for a month to work with our outsourced call centres in a training capacity, which led on to successfully applying for a full-time position on the Training Design team.


Newspaper Editor

WIT Student’s Union

June 1996 – May 2002 (6 years)

Responsibilities included editing the College newspaper, as well as writing articles, and layout & design of the paper and advertisements, as well as delivering a print-ready file to the printers to a regular schedule. The newspaper went from an A4 format, printed in Enniscorthy, to a printing partnership with the Irish Examiner.

Each Summer, I also created either an A3 wallplanner or an glossy handbook for incoming students.

Layout was done on the industry standard Quark Express software, running on a Mac.


Large Video Screen Advert Designer

Pikewood Advertising

February 1998 – March 2002 (4 years 2 months)

I created the adverts for a large (10′ x 8′) outdoor video screen, using the proprietory software that came with the screen, as well as Adobe Premiere to create the content in the first instance.


Radio Presenter

Waterford Institure of Technology

December 2000 – May 2001 (6 months)

I Hosted a twice-weekly radio show, twice a week on the College radio station. One show followed a chat format, while the other was a night-time music show. Each show was an hour long.


Webmaster for Socrates Distance Learning project

Waterford Institute of Technology

March 1996 – May 1998 (2 years 3 months)

I joined a European Union Socrates Distance Learning project with staff members in the college (Paul & Mary Barry), my duties included installing the Distance Learning software on the Server, and maintaining it. I also created the Technical Documentation for the project. This project lasted two years on a part-time basis.

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