Konova camera slider (dolly) track

Konova camera slider (dolly) track

Took delivery a few days ago of a one meter slider track (dolly) from Konova, a Korean company.

Build quality is very good, and the price was pretty reasonable (at least as far as this kind of kit goes) at $310 plus $20 for trackable delivery via EMS.

I brought the track with me to a local beach and shot a tiny bit of footage, but I really put it to the test when I shot some stock footage of a clock I bought for €5. By the way, the beach isn’t the ideal place to bring a piece of equipment that relies running smoothly on a track, sand is not a lubricant 🙂

[vimeo clip_id=23153162]

[vimeo clip_id=23115270]

[vimeo clip_id=23116230]

[vimeo clip_id=23153148]