Jag35 Shoulder Support Review
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Jag35 Shoulder Support Review

Jag35 Shoulder Support Review

I recently purchased a shoulder rig from Jag35.com, the kit I chose was the Field Runner, to which I added a balanced handle, one extra rod and a counter-weight.

I’ve only had the chance to use the rig once so far on a wander through my local forest, so bear in mind that these are my first impressions. I’ll update this entry with more detail once I’ve given the rig a more thorough field-test.

Build quality

Very good. Solid components, but not overly engineered to the point of looking like it was made by a blacksmith. I chose the Jag35 rods (the other option was Zacuto sourced) and they do the job perfectly well.


Everything falls where it should, with enough adjustment of the various bits and pieces that you’ll be able to find positioning that’s suits. I was initially worried that the inverted ‘V’ configuration of the handles might result in some knuckle banging, but there’s plenty of room. The handles can be changed from horizontal to vertical or any angle in between, and the foam covering is very comfortable.

The handle is very handy, pardon the pun, as it can be attached at exactly the balance point of the rig. With the counter-weight attached that’s very important, as it allows for low level shooting, and even more importantly makes for much easier carrying when you’ve got a camera screwed in.

Below is some practice footage of using the handle to get low level video, I’ve got a monitor attached to the camera so I can see what I’m shooting 🙂

[vimeo width=”580″ clip_id=”27537937″]

Value for money

There simply isn’t anything out there that even comes close to this rig in terms of value for money. I spent a lot of time searching the net before I settled on Jag35, and they were by far the best value.


The counter-weight makes a huge difference in the comfort and stability of this rig when sitting on your shoulder. I don’t have square shoulders, so the shoulder-pad didn’t sit flat, but that’s not really the fault of the rig.


I would recommend this rig from Jag35 to anyone who wants quality and utility without having to take out a mortgage.

Below are some shots I took of the completed rig, using the 35mm Tilt Shift lens.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157627255669864″]

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