Curtain Call Productions photoshoot - One Less Robot
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Curtain Call Productions photoshoot

Curtain Call Productions photoshoot

I did a photoshoot a few days ago for Curtain Call Productions Dungarvan’s upcoming staging of “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.”

There was some serious time pressure during the shoot, as the 18 people I had to photograph were needed to start rehearsing as soon as possible.

I ended up getting everyone photographed in a little under 20 minutes, so less than a minute per person to shoot. I used two studio flash lights, and a white background, nestled in the small corridor of space behind the stage curtains. My white background was seriously creased, so I shot it as gray instead (and created a more abstract pattern in post.)

One of the 300W Studio lights was lighting the background, and one was roughly four feet in front of the subject, at roughly a 35 degree angle. There wasn’t space enough to get any more angle or distance than that.

I created two edits, one colour and one monochrome, with the black & white being generally more suited to the male subjects.

Mono portraits - Curtain Call Productions Colour portraits - Curtain Call Productions

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