Comeragh Mountains Panorama
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Comeragh Mountains Panorama

Comeragh Mountains Panorama

I spent a very windy afternoon up the Comeragh Mountains the other day, and took the opportunity to take some video footage, and a very quick free-hand panorama.

I shot the panorama on a tripod, using a wide angle lens et at 35 mm. I judged the shot overlap by hand, and took a matrix of about 13 columns by two rows.

The wide angle lens isn’t the best option for a panorama, as it introduces a lot of distortion as the camera is rotated around the tripod axis. However, I was attempting to capture a very wide view, so I didn’t fancy switching to the 150mm lens and taking a gazillion shots. The panorama stitching software nonetheless made a very good job of ironing out the deformations.

The full image is much bigger, around 33,000 pixels wide, for web purposes I’ve shrunk it down to 3,696 pixels wide. You can see that version by clicking on the tiny version above. Depending on your browser, you may be able to zoom in on the larger image.

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