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Written word

My uncle returned from England in his twenties and moved back into his parent’s home. As my mother tells it, his heart had been broken by a woman he fell in love with over the water, so he had come home to lick his wounds. Twenty years later he was still living with his parents, and the scars were still fresh enough to influence the way he lived his life.
I’ve always had an idea of myself as a liberal, open minded person; but like many good ideas, what seems good in theory has proved somewhat difficult to put into practice.
To really understand, you just had to be there. To understand how it all came about, now that’s a different animal altogether. I don’t think anyone but Joe himself could tell you what the starting of the thing was, and Joe’s been in his grave these ten years and more come this July.
You will find mention of the current battle of the ditties between the Furlong Family and Richie Kavanagh elsewhere in this issue, but there have been further developments since that piece was written. In a shocking display of prudishness, Radio and television stations in Northern Ireland have refused to give either version air-time.
I’ve just seen the report on the telly about Frank Bruno. Beaten by Tyson, and virtually everybody else, Mr Bruno has pledged he we return, phoenix-like from the ashes.
A war through correspondence has been developing in the letter pages of this magazine over the past three issues. The battle lines have been firmly drawn, and the trenches dug; the smokers and the non-smokers are at each others throats.
Advertising, what’s it all about? Who exactly is it aimed at? Advertising executives live by demographics. To what demographic does this product appeal? Who are we selling to? I think myself that they have their heads up their arses.
Well. We’ve had an interesting year of it, and no mistake. The Divorce Referendum has seen the country show signs of a maturation from the old ways of the local priest dominating his flock mind and spirit to the reality of individuals making informed decisions, while still maintaining a place in their lives for their faith.
Over a year has passed since the cessation of hostilities brought a fragile peace to Northern Ireland, but despite what Sinn Fein would have us believe, the violence has not ceased, merely shifted focus.
It was a day like any other, full of the promise that each new day brings. The opportunity to make a fresh start, to put aside all that had gone before and forge a new life. Or so I thought . . .
Fr. Michael Noonan is a priest, and he is also married with two children. Many people would consider that a contradiction, against the laws of the Church, a sin, and so on. The more logical of these would say that it just isn’t possible for a man to serve two masters, they are either a priest, devoted to their vocation and their flock, or a husband and father, devoted to their wife and children.
Just what constitutes pornography? There is a certain level at which no-one is in doubt, where the sheer gross-out level makes it obvious to all and sundry that this material qualifies as pure filth.
Are you one of those people who enjoy roast beef on a Sunday, or fancy a beef burger when you’re in town? Then perhaps you are feeling a little nervous, and maybe you decided not to pop into your favourite fast food joint, or decided that chicken for the Sunday dinner would make a nice change.
I haven’t slept for days, haven’t left the room for hours. It’s been just me and my computer for so long that I don’t even know if the rest of the family still live here. My daily routine has been abandoned to such an extent I’ve lost track of whether its pm or am; what does it matter after all, in this new world without borders. One man’s Greenwich Mean Time is another woman’s Eastern Standard Time.
Water is precious. Apart from the simple fact that without water we die, we use water in so many other ways. One can only appreciate the multitude of uses when the supply which we take for granted is withdrawn.