Curtain Call Productions photoshoot

15th June 2014 0 0

I did a photoshoot a few days ago for Curtain Call Productions Dungarvan’s upcoming staging of “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.”

St. Mary’s Parish Church

15th June 2014 0 0

Some images I shot today in Youghal, County Cork.View these and more at my gallery on  

Lismore Church HDR images

17th May 2014 0 0

High Dynamic Range (HDR) images of the Church of Ireland chapel in Lismore.

It must be summer

2nd May 2014 0 0

There are now TWO ladybirds (aka ladybugs) in my back yard. These images are of the new arrival 🙂 You can view all my nature shots on my gallery site.

HDR images of Helvick Harbour

22nd April 2014 0 0

A sequence of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images I took a few days ago in Helvick Harbour, in the Dungarvan Gaeltacht (An Rinn)

HDR images of Ardmore

19th April 2014 0 0

These High Dynamic Range images were taken in the graveyard in which Ardmore tower stands. The tower dates from the period when Vikings were raiding the coastline of Ireland.

Now on

23rd March 2014 0 0

I’ve created a portfolio on, click the screenshot below to check it out.

New images added to Landscape Gallery

10th February 2014 0 0

A shot from Helvick, in an Rinn (Ring), in the Dungarvan Gaeltacht, Ireland.

Dungarvan sunrise after a stormy night

5th February 2014 0 0

Taken on my iPhone 4S the morning after last weeks storm.

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