1940s Glamour shoot with Emma

27th August 2018 0 0

Emma came in for a studio session and we worked towards a 40s glamour vibe. Click here for the full gallery

Beauty Photoshoot with Sandra

22nd August 2018 0 0

I was lucky enough to have the beautiful Sandra in front of my camera, in my makeshift sitting room studio. View all the shots

Photoshoot with Jurgita

16th August 2018 0 0

My second shoot with the lovely Jurgita. View the full gallery

Photoshoot with Jurga Pa

16th August 2018 0 0

Makeup artist Jurga Pa in a Hollywood glamour styled shoot. View the full gallery

Dungarvan Photoshoot

16th August 2018 0 0

A recent shoot in and around Dungarvan View the full Gallery

Photoshoot with John Bermingham

30th July 2018 0 0

Really just messing around to practice some lighting techniques, but got some cool shots as well.

Photoshoot with Meg Marriot

30th July 2018 0 0

This is the third official photoshoot with Meg, and she never disappoints. Click here to view the full set of images

Bridal Themed Photoshoot with Dunmore East

15th July 2018 0 0

I photographed in Dunmore East for a bridal themed shoot. View the full gallery

Photoshoot with Sandra at Tourin Gardens

13th July 2018 0 0

I had the great pleasure of shooting in the gardens of Tourin House with Sandra, and selection of outfits courtesy of Willow & Oak Dungarvan

Photo-shoot with Sohaib

22nd June 2018 0 0

Sohaib came down to Dungarvan from Belfast to do a shoot with a fellow photographer, and was kind enough to visit my studio to try out some coloured lighting, among other techniques. View other shots of Sohaib

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