The Camera Axe

I was browsing some very cool high-speed photography, when I came across the Camera Axe controller, which was used to create the imagery.

The Camera Axe is a tool for photographers to trigger cameras or flashes based signals from various sensors. It is useful for catching phenomena that happen too quickly for human reflexes, like photographing a popping balloon or a milk droplet splash. Other uses can be to catch things photographers don’t want to wait around for like birds flying to a bird feeder or surveillance of people walking down a hallway. The possibilities are endless.

Version 4 of the device is currently sold out, but the creator is working on the new, cheaper version 5 which he hopes to have ready around the end of August. You can sign up for a stock notification here. There are a whole heap of sensors available for the device, and all of them are very reasonably priced. I’m definitely going to be making a purchase once the new version is available.