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Build your own robot (voice)

Build your own robot (voice)

I had occasion to do some audio editing recently, where I needed to read a script for a robot character. I have a fairly deep voice, but I’m no Mr. Roboto.

The free application Audacity is a great program, and I got a fairly decent result using it, so here is my recipe for using Audacity to create your own robotic persona.

Good robot

Change pitch -8
change tempo 8
echo – delay time.02 , decay factor .5
Phaser – Stages 2, Dry/Wet 128, LFO Frequency 1.8,LFO Start Phase 170, Depth 100, Feedback 30
echo – delay time.02 , decay factor .5
Bass and Treble – Bass 6, Treble 0, Level -3

Bad Robot Same as Good Robot, but add …

Paulstretch – Stretch factor 1.1, Time resolution .01

You can add Amplify and Compress to taste, depending on the original volume of your recording.

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