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I thought e-books were supposed to be cheaper than the printed equivelant? A few weeks ago I went online to buy the latest Stephen King, but was put off by the relatively high price. As an Irish Kindle owner, I am for some reason obliged to buy my e-books through Amazon in the US, rather than the UK. On the US site, as shown below, the e-book version is almost three dollars more expensive than the hardcover ... what the hell? At $18.76, I'd consider this to be a very expensive e-book, but the fact that it actually costs more than the hardcover edition is ridiculous.

Plugins are a huge boon to the Wordpress blogger, adding as they do every conceivable sort of functionality, but it can be a chore to find just the right ones to enhance your blog. Hopefully, I can save you some of the hard work by sharing plugin choices I have made on my blogs.