Lion-tailed Macaque goes crabbing

14th July 2014 0 0

I was at Fota Wildlife Park last week, and I got some video of this lion-tailed Macaque having a drink, and also checking the bottom of a plastic crate for crabs.

Dark Thoughts animatic

28th June 2014 0 0

Short animatic for the Dark Thoughts collaboration on Music by Ppeppina on

Curtain Call Productions photoshoot

15th June 2014 0 0

I did a photoshoot a few days ago for Curtain Call Productions Dungarvan’s upcoming staging of “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.”

St. Mary’s Parish Church

15th June 2014 0 0

Some images I shot today in Youghal, County Cork.View these and more at my gallery on  

Desert Scene render

14th June 2014 0 0

For a project I’m working on I created this render in an old version of Vue.

Pool table animation

9th June 2014 0 0

Rough idea for Season Two, Theme: Two of Hitrecord on tv.

Two in flying hearts

4th June 2014 0 0

A small video I’ve submitted to for the Season 2 Interstitial collaboration.

Jellyfish in Helvick

4th June 2014 0 0

I shot a short video of a jellyfish swimming around Helvick Harbour a few days ago.

Herbert the Robot camera test

4th June 2014 0 0

Test of a camera move on the Herbert the Robot project. Music by Michael Nilsen ( and Channele McGuinness ( on


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