Curraghmore House

26th September 2015 0 0

I spent an enjoyable and entertaining afternoon at Curraghmore House and gardens.

Underwater world

8th September 2015 0 0

I’ve been dunking my GoPro into various rivers and seas for the last week.

WWI Commemorative Ceremony

8th September 2015 0 0

I filmed a commemorative ceremony at the Dungarvan Wall of Remembrance, held to remember the beginning of World War I.

Louise Barry Photoshoot

8th September 2015 0 0

I had the pleasure of spending a day shooting local singer / songwriter Louise Barry at a couple of locations. You can see the full set on my Portraits site.

Alien Ant Farm

8th September 2015 0 0

I captured video of these ants farming Aphids out my back yard. They induce the Aphids to produce honeydew, which the ants then drink.

Deise Medieval (Dungarvan)

8th September 2015 0 0

Deise Medieval demonstrating their combat skills at the Dungarvan 800 celebrations.

Deise Medieval Society (Youghal)

8th September 2015 0 0

Deise Medieval entertain at Youghal Walled Town celebrations in St. Mary’s Collegiate Park.


8th September 2015 0 0

A composite of several shots taken after straw had been harvested in this field.

The Secret Kingdom Exhibition

24th August 2015 0 0

I worked with artist Linda Egan to create video content for her art installation “The Secret Kingdom.”

Lismore Folly

15th July 2015 0 0

Images from the Lismore folly walk, a few miles past Lismore town.


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