Promotional video for the Dungarvan Aglow 2017 campaign

7th December 2017 0 0

For the third year, One Less Robot has shot and edited a promotional video for the Dungarvan Aglow campaign, which aims to drive tourism and retail traffic to the town.

One Less Robot creates video of Dungarvan EnterpRISING Lunch 2017

7th December 2017 0 0

One Less Robot had the pleasure of creating a video record of the inaugural Dungarvan EnterpRISING Lunch in Crewe’s Restaurant. The video was distributed on Facebook to publicise the event.

Video for Dungarvan’s entry in AIB Town of Enterprise competition

7th November 2017 0 0

One Less Robot shot and edited this fourteen minute video that formed part of Dungarvan’s entry in the AIB Town of Enterprise competition. Judges visited the town, and as part of their considerations they watched the video being projected in our local cinema, SGC Dungarvan. The majority of the drone footage was supplied by John…

Violinist Marja Gaynor performs on the Waterford Greenway

8th August 2017 0 0

As part of Dungarvan Summer Music Festival, Violinist Marja Gaynor performed in Durrow tunnel on Saturday, August 5th, 2017. I was the official photographer for the festival and grabbed this short video in between taking still images.

Our images adorning the walls of Dungarvan Tourism office

19th July 2017 0 0

Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce recently bought several of our images to display in the local tourism office. Two of the images were printed at Printmaster Dungaravan in very large format (over 6 feet tall) and attached to the glass wall of the office.

57k views! And counting …

30th December 2016 0 0

The Christmas promotional video I shot and edited for the Dungarvan Aglow campaign has reached over fifty five thousand views as of December 29th, 2016. The video was released on the 6th of December on Facebook. At the time of writing, the video has been reacted to 883 times, shared over 1,100 times, and has…

Tiny video about Cassie Kirby’s tiny portraits

1st October 2016 0 0

I shot background footage at Cassie Kirby’s studio in An Rinn a few days ago, for the documentary I’m working on. I took the opportunity to edit together a small video mixing together the background footage and the interview I recorded with Cassie a few months ago. The result is below.

Bobblehead-ification Service

17th July 2016 0 0

As part of my Kickstarter, I offered as a reward a bobble-head-ification service. This is easier to understand by looking at the result, rather me trying to explain it. It was so popular, I’ve decided to offer it as a service for the meagre sum of €20. Drop me an email if you’re interested 🙂…

Photo-shoot with Meg

22nd June 2016 0 0

I’ve shot Meg several times and I’m also impressed with her professionalism and beauty. View more shots of Meg

Photo-shoot with Paul

22nd June 2016 0 0

Fitness guru and trainer Paul Lyons was looking for shots to promote his own fitness and his new business as a trainer. View more shots of Paul


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