Preparing for my European Vacation

7th February 2011 6 0

Getting ready for three weeks in Europe, visting Paris, Milan and Venice

EI 7063 fluid head test footage

29th January 2011 0 0

My first footage shot on the 7063 Fluid Head tripod

USB follow focus for Canon

25th January 2011 2 0

USB focus controller from

Purchased fluid head tripod kit

25th January 2011 0 0

EI 7063 fluid damped tripod head and legs

Whiteout the Motion Picture

25th January 2011 0 0

The end of the world comes swathed in white

Time-lapse photography – Part I

21st January 2011 7 0

An introduction to slicing the world into image-sized chunks

Work History

17th December 2010 0 0

Clients and Work history of Marc Daly


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