BSE: Mad People Disease?

5th April 2011 0 0

Are you one of those people who enjoy roast beef on a Sunday, or fancy a beef burger when you’re in town? Then perhaps you are feeling a little nervous, and maybe you decided not to pop into your favourite fast food joint, or decided that chicken for the Sunday dinner would make a nice…


5th April 2011 0 0

Online scrabble and the way it can take over your life

A Passage to India

5th April 2011 0 0

A month spent in India, spending time in Mumbai and Bangalore

Aqua Vitae

2nd April 2011 0 0

Water is life

The Bay Lough

2nd April 2011 0 0

Also known as the Vee, on the Clonmel road.

iPhone European Vacation

12th March 2011 0 0

Round-up of my travel app’s

European Vacation: Venice to Edinburgh

10th March 2011 1 0

The final leg of my European vacation

European Vacation: Venice

4th March 2011 3 0

A week in Venice during Carnevale 2011

European Vacation: Paris

27th February 2011 7 0

A quick sampling of the best Paris has to offer


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