Clock Timelapse (how not to do it)

5th May 2011 0 0

I wanted to create a video of time passing quickly, through the device of a clock. It’s not possible to video the clock for 12 hours, at least not with my camera, and it wouldn’t be the best solution anyway 🙂

The songs of Sarah Daly

5th May 2011 0 0

You can check out my sister’s musical awesomeness on

Cherryblossom refrain

2nd May 2011 0 0

Shot at Ballymaloe Gardens, starring the titular Cherryblossom and my sister Sarah. Music is “My heart carries stones” by amferraro on

Venice remembered

2nd May 2011 0 0

A video record of my week in Venice during Carnival 2011

Konova camera slider (dolly) track

2nd May 2011 4 0

Quick first-look at the Konova slider

7″ external monitor

17th April 2011 0 0

I took delivery of an external lcd monitor for my DSLR a couple of days ago. It’s a no brand item I bought through a website called Chinavasion, which sells products from factories in mainland China.


6th April 2011 0 0

I currently shoot video on a Canon EOS 550D (T2i) Digital SLR with a variety of Tamron and Sigma lenses. You can also visit vimeo to view my videos.


6th April 2011 0 0

Browse my favourite public photo’s.

Uncle Bill

5th April 2011 1 0

My uncle returned from England in his twenties and moved back into his parent’s home. As my mother tells it, his heart had been broken by a woman he fell in love with over the water, so he had come home to lick his wounds. Twenty years later he was still living with his parents,…

The ones who stayed behind

5th April 2011 0 0

I’ve always had an idea of myself as a liberal, open minded person; but like many good ideas, what seems good in theory has proved somewhat difficult to put into practice.


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