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Day 1

The journey from Milan to Venice was uneventful. I travelled 2nd class this time because it the journey time was much shorter than from Paris to Milan, a little under three hours this time. It was very overcast and rained most of the way, but the scenery didn't look much to write home about anyway.

Day 1

Caught the TGV from Gare de Lyon, which through cunning planning was about 8 minutes walk from the hotel. The station is hard to miss, what with the huge clock tower jutting out of it. Since it was still dark when I arrived, the illuminated clock was a handy beacon, though the plentiful signage was also helpful. I only needed to check the iPhone map when I left the hotel.

Time-lapse photography is the process of compressing time by taking a sequence of images with a delay between each image, and then stringing those images together to create a movie. Clouds appearing to fly across the sky while the sun rises and sets in a matter of moments is the most commonly seen example of time-lapse, often used in cinema to give an impression of a large period of time passing.