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Shot in a local car-park between 4 am and 6 am, with a piece of modern art in the foreground.
I got the chance the last few nights to make use of my spotting scope to get some video footage of the full moon.
The Giga is short for Gigapixel, as in millions (mega is thousands), and normally the whole thing is shortened even further to gigapan. They are created by taking a mosaic of photo's, and then stitching them together to create on massive (and massively detailed) image.
I wanted to create a video of time passing quickly, through the device of a clock. It's not possible to video the clock for 12 hours, at least not with my camera, and it wouldn't be the best solution anyway :)
My very own travelogue, compressed into one minute and forty two seconds. Shot during Carnivale 2011, and set to a Strauss waltz, courtey of the US Airforce Band String Ensemble.
I took delivery of an external lcd monitor for my DSLR a couple of days ago. It's a no brand item I bought through a website called Chinavasion, which sells products from factories in mainland China.

I currently shoot video on a Canon EOS 550D (T2i) Digital SLR with a variety of Tamron and Sigma lenses. You can also visit vimeo to view my videos. ...