7″ external monitor

7″ external monitor

I took delivery of an external lcd monitor for my DSLR a couple of days ago. It’s a no brand item I bought through a website called Chinavasion, which sells products from factories in mainland China.

It’s a 7″ monitor with a resolution of 840 x 480, though the info on the website says 1080p for some strange reason. I took that number with a pinch of salt, so I wasn’t surprised when I received the product.

Inputs include HDMI, Component and , of which I am using the HDMI. The monitor comes with a ball-head which allows you to mount it on your camera’s hot shoe. It only weighs a little over a pound, so its not putting the hot shoe under any great strain.

In terms of extra features … there aren’t any 🙂 It does what it says on the tin, it displays a bright image from the camera, and it does that for just €140 including delivery. The next cheapest product is the Ikan, which comes in at about €300. Sure it has more features, like focus peaking, etc. but for the low price, I’m more than happy with my purchase.

View the product on the manufacturer’s website