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Your one-stop shop for video production; we film, edit and output in formats suitable for display from the small screen of mobile devices all the way up to giant cinema screens

Wedding loan advert for Dungarvan Credit Union
One Less Robot was delighted to be tasked with creating a video advert for the Dungarvan Credit Union, promoting their wedding loan product.
Car loan video advert for Dungarvan Credit Union
One Less Robot was delighted to be tasked with creating a video advert for the Dungarvan Credit Union, promoting their car loan product.
Internet video for Dungarvan Town Pantomime 2017
One Less Robot was delighted to create an Internet video for Dungarvan Encore Stage Academy, to celebrate their successful pantomime 2017.
Promotional video for the Dungarvan Aglow 2017 campaign
For the third year, One Less Robot has shot and edited a promotional video for the Dungarvan Aglow campaign, which aims to drive tourism and retail traffic to the town.
One Less Robot creates video of Dungarvan EnterpRISING Lunch 2017
One Less Robot had the pleasure of creating a video record of the inaugural Dungarvan EnterpRISING Lunch in Crewe’s Restaurant. The video was distributed on Facebook to publicise the event.
Video for Dungarvan’s entry in AIB Town of Enterprise competition
One Less Robot shot and edited this fourteen minute video that formed part of Dungarvan’s entry in the AIB Town of Enterprise competition. Judges visited the town, and as part of their considerations they watched the video being projected in our local cinema, SGC Dungarvan. The majority of the drone footage was supplied by John […]
Violinist Marja Gaynor performs on the Waterford Greenway
As part of Dungarvan Summer Music Festival, Violinist Marja Gaynor performed in Durrow tunnel on Saturday, August 5th, 2017. I was the official photographer for the festival and grabbed this short video in between taking still images.


From fun event photography to fashion, flattering portraits to family memories, we shoot it all at One Less Robot

Shoot with Samantha in Tallaght
I traveled to Tallaght near Dublin, to shoot with model Samantha.
Editorial Shoot with Teresa
Model Teresa Daly and I took to the Comeragh mountains to do an Editorial style photoshoot. Makeup was by Emma Lou Gibb, clothes from Willow & Oak Dungarvan.
Photoshoot for Willow & Oak
I did a commercial shoot for Willow & Oak clothing store in Dungarvan with model Joelene Campbell.
Photoshoot with Sarah
Taken in Caunes-Minervois
Beach Photoshoot
Beach photoshoot with Ernesta
Rooftop Photoshoot
Ernesta wanted an edgy punk chic style for this shoot, which we did on the top floor of a multi-story carpark.
Autumn themed photoshoot with Ernesta
Ernesta and I spent a couple of hours in Colligan Woods, not far from where I live, and though the trees still haven’t really caught on that it’s Autumn, we got some very nice shots. Check out the full gallery
House shoot with Sandra
I had the opportunity to shoot in a beautiful old stately home in Waterford, so I brought model Sandra and we shot in just three of the amazing spaces in the house. View the full gallery

website creation

We have been designing and building websites since 1996.

Wild Oats Soap
Karen Cottier of Wild Oats Soap asked to revamp their existing e-commerce site, whilst retaining the existing search ranking and inbound links.
CaneCo is part of the Waterford Distillery group, and grows cane for use by Renegade Rum.
Renegade Rum
Renegade Rum is part of the Waterford Distillery group, applying the principles of Terroir to Rum.
Hickey Fabrication Ltd.
Hickey Fabrication Ltd. is a steel manufacturing company based in Waterford, with an office in London. I also took the photographs and video used on the site.
DHB Architects are a Waterford based company, and in association with TrueOutput I built a site that showcased the company’s projects.
The Business of Food
A complete rebranding and repackaging of the old content, this website provides a new home for this long established hospitality consultancy and training business.
The Restaurant Advisor
This client wanted to simplify and condense the content from their old site, and this one page for Blathnaid Bergin does just that.
Safeshaft Systems
Safeshaft Systems are a very new business and wanted to announce their presence in the agricultural machinery space.